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One of the features that sets Atelier Earth team apart is the complete in-house capability to execute all of the designs that the creative team comes up with. A large team of professionals with unparalleled manufacturing support allows the company to handle multiple projects in multiple locations with skill and justifiable confidence. Having designed and executed over 200 projects, the principals still think of themselves as evolving and ever hungry for bigger challenges.


Atelier Earth intends to literally transform the lives of its patrons by providing a space that is wondrous, comfortable, yet practical with the only constant being luxury and elegance. Their work is unusual with its commitment to both design and execution. The couple creates designs by borrowing elements from the past and fusing them with international contemporary trends using their evolved sensibilities.


In synopsis, Atelier Earth endeavors to constantly better its best and continue to be recognized as India’s foremost interior design and build company.


We strongly believe in creativity; we are one of the effective interior design companies.

Atelier Earth is specialized in providing stunning and excellent interior design services that include creative space planning, designing, and project management for both residential and elegant commercial projects in India.

We also aim to build strong relationships with our clients. We have impressed a lot with our astounding and innovative designs and ideas. Creating a perfect combination of customer’s style and our expert designers was a huge task and we are successful in it.

Atelier Earth provides extraordinary and unique solutions to your units. Our designs consist the combination of Eastern and Western cultures, Greek's architectural art, Italian style, and British innovation making us the best interior design company in India.

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University of Florida



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Masters in Interior Design 


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